Facilities Management

Managing smart and connected residential and commercial buildings

The Challenge

We Helped Solve

As the demand rises for more affordable government funded facilities the pressure was on for this organization to adapt to a more dynamic management and maintenance program. Day-to-day operational challenges included rising maintenance costs and increasing regulations to ensure tenant safety including more stringent health and safety compliance reporting. All of these needs had to be addressed despite decreasing financial budgets.

What We Delivered

Canopy delivered accurate, real-time and most importantly relevant information allowing asset managers to make faster, earlier and better decisions for proactive predictive intervention rather than reactive and expensive ones.

The Difference We Made

Canopy provided a Predictive Maintenance Solution connected to a range of Smart Sensors that are used to measure and gather data from numerous property management parameters including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, noise and movement. This valuable data is automatically stored in real-time and then by using machine learning and custom actions triggers a series of automated alerts to inform of actionable insights and advanced warning of risks and repair requirements, allowing more efficientre source allocation.



reduction in emergency break fix repairs.


Identified numerous incidents of tenants in breach of occupancy limits.


reduction in energy costs due to identifying excessive heating settings in home.


reduction in maintenance costs associated with scheduled safety inspections.
Our solutions provide
Preventative Maintenance Analysis

Predicate Mould Growth

Occupancy Level and air quality Monitoring

Gas Boiler and HVAC predictive maintenance

Integration to existing BMS to provide single pane of glass monitoring for all maintenance activities