Aged Care

Canopy for Residential Care Homes and Assisted Living

The Challenge

We Helped Solve

With a growing trend towards providing in home assisted care, Canopy helped this organisation address the current challenges of maintaining the well-being of residents under care, while limiting healthcare costs and improving the efficiency of care staff within the organisation.

What We Delivered

By connecting a range of smart non-intrusive sensors which monitor the health and activity of seniors and people with special needs, the solution provided our customer with real-time data to ensure Care staff are informed on the day-to-day well-being of residents and are instantly alerted if there are any emergency health issuesthat require immediate attention, improving their quality of care.

The Difference We Made

Implementing Canopy for our customer has resulted in a significant reduction in the causes of preventable deaths in aged care, primarily falls and complications from clinical care. By providing care staff with real time visibility of the well being of its residents, Canopy not only informs them of critical events, but also of behaviors that could lead to complications in clinical care



improvement in response time to critical incidents.


reduction in ambulance calls outs.


reduction in ambulance calls outs.


improvement in satisfaction from residents families due to improved levels of monitoring and care for their parents.
Our solutions provide
24/7 Monitoring

Monitor and react to changes in pattern of elderly or vulnerable people using non-intrusive technologies.

Compliance Data

Accurately report on the residents and their environment for family insight and care compliance.

Improved Care

React accordingly to critical information on each resident at your fingertips, improving day to day care.

Reduce Cost of Care

Transparency across the care environment allows proactive measures to reduce unnecessary spend.

Resident Wellbeing

Detailed insights for each resident via customized dashboards and reports.

Staff Efficiency

Identify increasing resident vulnerability and assign resource to intervene before critical care required.