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Aged care

Canopy for the Aged Care Sector addresses your current challenges of maintaining the well-being of residents while limiting healthcare costs and improving the efficiency of your Care staff.

Rapid Deployment

Deploy across the care environment at scale without the need to disturb residents using lightweight, seamlessly integrated technology.


Monitor your residents without intruding on their privacy. Provide extended care without residents feeling they are being watched.

Reduce Cost of Care

Transparency across the care environment allows proactive measures to reduce unnecessary spend.

Resident Wellbeing

Detailed insights for each resident via customised dashboards and reports. React accordingly to critical information on each resident at your fingertips, improving day to day care.


Canopy for the Aged Care Sector addresses your current challenges of maintaining the well-being of residents while limiting healthcare costs and improving the efficiency of your Care staff.

By connecting a range of smart non-intrusive sensors which monitor the health and activity of seniors and people with special needs, the solution provides real-time data to ensure Care staff are informed on the day-to-day well-being of residents and are instantly alerted if there are any emergency health issues that require immediate attention.

We can assist you to select the sensors required based on the medical conditions and level of care required for your patients, either in a residential facility or for those that use in home care services

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01. Connect the Sensors
Whether you have existing sensors in your business or if we supply them, installing and registering a device is simple.
02. Collect the Data
Once installed, data from your sensors is transmitted to a gateway and onto the Canopy Cloud. Depending on the type of facility, gateways can be used with ranges from 100 ms up to 25 kms away, that can support anywhere from 1 up to 1000’s of sensors.
03. Tailor Your Environment and Views
Canopy provides you with rich informative visualisation tools for instant insight and flexible relevant dashboards. Canopy allows for a single pane view enabling quantified decision making to ensure optimal care and or cost control.
04. Setup Alerts and Automations
Allows you to analyse your sensor data to look for readings that breach preconfigured limits or that are simply out of trend from normal baseline operating parameters. Alerts create events that can then trigger an automated actions such as an email message, text message alert, Teams notifications or push via API to other management systems
Open Integration

Whether it’s your sensors or sensors we provide, Canopy is built to accept data from all major IoT sensor manufacturers meaning you can leverage existing IoT hardware investments already in place and be up and running quickly

Easily Visualise your data

Sensors provide valuable data, but there is no value if this data sits captured only in a log and database. By using our intuitive and easy-to-use User Interface, Canopy allows you to create impactful visualisation of the data provided by the sensors. Data visualisations provide your company with insights to detect changes, alert on issues and report on conditions that could cause serious health or financial damage. We also provide preconfigured industry-specific dashboards to get you up and running even faster and provide instant insights that significantly reduce the time to deliver value from your IoT investment.

Easily Define Automated Actions

Canopy provides you with a powerful data analytics and rules engine. When combined with our predictive alerts and trend analysis, you can easily setup automated alerts and actions to ensure that adverse or changes to environmental conditions are acted upon to help improve quality of life and reduce costs.

Simple to Deploy and gain fast return on investment

Using our cloud architecture, we can have your environment up and running in hours, not days or weeks.  Sensors can be easily deployed and registered by using your existing maintenance teams or any other external contractors. As soon as a sensor is registered, the data flows into the Canopy cloud and can be immediately visualised and acted upon. The return on investment from your Canopy deployment can be measured in days or weeks not months or years!

Scalable with your needs and timelines

With Canopy we scale with you from 1 sensor to hundreds of thousands of sensors. Our transparent pricing model allows you to pay as you go and control your investments and scale up on your timeline. There is no minimum spend and price breaks based on quantity of sensors monitored means your return on investment improves as you scale out your IoT monitoring program.

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Residential Care
Assisted Living
Canopy for Residential Care Homes and Assisted Living

The Challenge We Helped Solve: With a growing trend towards providing in home assisted care, Canopy helped this organisation address the current challenges of maintaining the well-being of residents under care, while limiting healthcare costs and improving the efficiency of care staff within the organisation.